Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Covid-19 pandemic could bring economic crisis on scale of ‘Great Depression,’ Putin tells G20 – warns of poverty & social disorder

Speaking at the virtual G20 summit of international leaders on Saturday, Putin warned that, “despite some positive signals, the main risk is still the so-called stagnant mass unemployment with a subsequent increase in poverty and social disorder.” “The coronavirus epidemic, the global lockdown and the freezing of economic activity launched …

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The bourgeois socio-economic structure 1H.

  Topic “Bourgeois socio-economic system and its periods”. Foreword – Karl Marx to the 2nd edition of “Capital” and Lenin’s work “imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism”. The bourgeois social-economic formation originated about 500 years ago. In the depths of the feudal socio-economic formation. She was born with the advent …

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Kornilov: the Economic pit will absorb Ukraine

Sooner or later the coronavirus pandemic will take place, and the economic pit into which he put himself Ukraine will remain. In fact, for Vladimir Zelensky and his team panic pandemic is manna from heaven. About the Studio program “In fact,” Agency News Front said the historian, the political scientist …

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