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Getting to Mars is more difficult than it seemed before

Добраться до Марса сложнее, чем казалось раньшеScientists have warned of new risks of a flight to Mars.

American scientists have found that cosmic radiation in the body starts a “Domino effect”, which leads to irreversible consequences.

To such conclusion experts from the University of Nevada, who analysed the impact of cosmic rays on living cells.

Initially it was thought that radiation causes direct damage to the cell, but does not mention indirect damage, a kind of Domino effect that is caused by chemical signals from the cells to the neighbors. This effect also plays a role, and ultimately the risk of cancer in experimental mice that have undergone irradiation, was two times higher than expected.

Frank Cucinotta of University of Nevada Las Vegas, believes that this increased risk of developing cancer depends on how damaged DNA is distributed throughout the body. When the cell is hit by a cosmic ray, it is not just change, but also gains the ability to give chemical signals to other cells that can mutate into cancer.

This does not mean that people should not fly into deep space – but the preparation for the flight to Mars should include including the development of tools that would negate the effects of cosmic rays. In particular, NASA has proposed to launch to Mars artificial satellite, which is to create anti-radiation magnetic field.

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