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Famous Ukrainian soccer player spoke out about the war in the Donbass

Известный украинский футболист резко высказался о войне в ДонбассеThe football team of Ukraine believes that the situation is beneficial to someone.

Someone makes the war in the Donbass. Sure striker of the Spanish real Betis and the national team of Ukraine Roman Zozulya.

The athlete noted that while some die, others fill the pockets with money.

“It seems, Yes, in principle it is not a feeling that someone benefits from it. While our patriots, the real Ukrainians, our brothers are killed, some critters are profit earn in this war, stuffed their pockets with the blood money of his people. While they don’t suck and will beat the shit out of every last – and we will lose the best people of our country,” said Zozulya. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We pray every day and worry about our guys on the front line. Soon it was all over, I do a lot of Ukraine have lost their brothers, their fathers and sons over a period of time. And then we will deal with those who stirred up this mess, and who needs it,” added the player.

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