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Europe threaten devastating floods, scientists

Европе грозят разрушительные наводнения, - ученыеScientists have predicted a Europe of the powerful floods.

A new study allowed the researchers to conclude that by the end of this century Europe to cover the extensive flooding.

About five million people remain without shelter.

Experts attribute the frequency of disasters with global warming. Therefore, instead of once in a century flood will cover the region annually. The staff of the science research centre in Europe has estimated that the level of the Baltic and North seas can rise to a height of up to one meter. The UK and Ireland, washed by the waters of the Atlantic ocean will be also in the area of flooding. However, in the South of Europe will experience only minor changes in the weather conditions. The level of the Gulf of Cadiz and coastal waters of Portugal, on the contrary reduced.

In another study, was created a computer model of the tidal waves by 2100. Due to the increase in water temperature in the ocean, power of waves will only increase and increase to the end of the century 30%. Most will suffer the coast due to erosion. The accumulation of greenhouse gases affects the amount of thermal energy that concentrates in the atmosphere, which will lead to increased power of hurricanes and storms.

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