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“Died Creator of the T9 – the earth to it down”: funny jokes for lovers of bizarre humor

"Умер создатель Т9 - земля ему пуховик": забавные приколы для любителей странного юмораSmile, life is beautiful!

There is a special category jokes – a sort of layer between the hard sarcasm and good humor.

But these several strange things sometimes prove to be very successful. Smile on health!

And today our guest is something stupid and inexplicable. Hello, tell, please, why you such stupid?
— Eeeee… I can’t explain.

Dear builders, you done, built a great house. Even the cat was let! By the way, you can now kick her out?
— No. It is a carrier cat.

Once a Disciple asked his Master:
— How long to wait for change for the better? What is the meaning of life and what is love?
How would I know? I am an ordinary Turner, get away from the spindle, — replied the Master.

When the inventor of the USB port dies, his coffin is first lowered into the pit, then raise, reversed and then lowered the right side.

The human body is 90% water. Technically we are just too hectic cucumbers.

— Tell me, why the internal organs are not scratched?
— That you have a legal question or anatomical?

Died Creator of the T9
Land him down
Wash yourself with beer

As said English teacher Ariadna Karlovna, Present Perfect, Past Continuous — it’s all good. But I’ve seen better days.

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