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Created drone-bombers, destroying drones

Создан дрон-камикадзе, уничтожающий беспилотникиAutonomous apparatus determines the target and crashes into them, to incapacitate.

A canadian company has created AerialX drone bombers, which is able to disable other drones bumping into them.

Apparatus for the destruction of the drones looks like a hybrid of a missile and drone. The machine is able to identify targets in the air and chase them.

The device weights less than a kilogram, the speed it can reach, reaches 350 km/h.

Collision with objects at the maximum speed helps him take them down.

On the body of the drone are several cameras which analyse the surrounding space. Different drones have different methods of elimination. For example, in the small drones it hit the bottom and is chosen to large top, so as not to destroy itself.

Создан дрон-камикадзе, уничтожающий беспилотники

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