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‘Stop destroying our kids’ lives!’ Clashes, arrests as thousands protest against Covid lockdown in London (VIDEOS)

The anti-lockdown rally started as a peaceful march on Saturday afternoon, under the watchful eye of hundreds of police, but eventually turned ugly after the officers began detaining people while the protesters actively resisted and some even pelted them with bottles. Riot police actively “engaged” those “breaching Covid regulations,” making at …

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Created drone-bombers, destroying drones

Autonomous apparatus determines the target and crashes into them, to incapacitate. A canadian company has created AerialX drone bombers, which is able to disable other drones bumping into them. Apparatus for the destruction of the drones looks like a hybrid of a missile and drone. The machine is able to …

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In the Crimea is gradually destroying one of the sanctuaries

There is a threat of destruction of the main building of Khan’s Palace. The Ministry of culture of Ukraine expresses its strong protest actions of the occupation authorities of the Crimea for the implementation of the illegal work on the territory of the Bakhchisaray reserve. About it reports a press-service …

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The pilots, deliberately destroying their aircraft. Photo

Some pilots choose a crazy way to commit suicide. On Sunday morning 26 September 1976 pilot Vladimir Serkov has sent the an-2 aircraft without passengers in a five-storey residential building located at Stepnaya street, house 43/1. The collision and ensuing fire killed 11 people, including pilot. During the investigation it …

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