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Chinese scientists have found a new way to fight cancer

Китайские ученые нашли новый способ борьбы с ракомChinese scientists in 3600 times increased virus to destroy cancer cells

Chinese scientists from sun Yat-sen University have found a substance many times increases the ability of the virus to destroy the liver cancer cells without affecting healthy.

Cancer treatment of so-called oncolytic viruses that destroy tumor tissue, is increasingly recognized among scientists, however, according to the us journal Science Translational Medicine, its therapeutic effectiveness is often less pronounced than expected on the basis of preclinical trials. However, wiretape oncolytic virus M1, a pathogen carried by mosquitoes, which causes slight discomfort in horses, has recently become a popular strategy for the treatment of malignant hepatoma, the most common type of liver cancer.

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In order to enhance anti-cancer effect, Professor Guangmei Yan and his colleagues studied 350 molecules to find a substance that increases the ability of the virus to destroy the cells of malignant hepatoma. They found that the inhibitor protein VCP, auristatin I is capable of 3600-fold increase in the capacity of the virus in the fight against cancer, and it does not have a negative impact on healthy cells.

In tests on mice, the infected malignant hepatomas, the drug M1 in combination with aerostation I was able to reduce tumor size and prolong the life of animals. The same results scientists have achieved and in the case of experiments on monkeys. “We can compare the oncolytic virus M1 with homing missile, which automatically destroys the tumor cells, and addition of an inhibitor VCP with a powerful explosive, which increases the effect of the rocket, said Yang in an interview with Xinhua news Agency. Thanks to this combination, the result is predictable”. Clinical testing is planned for 2018, according to China Daily.

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By injection of the virus of the common cold, scientists hospital Johns Hopkins (USA) were able to stop and even reverse the development of senile blindness. To do this they had to genetically modify the virus ААV2.

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