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British scientists have told, how much time you actually need to wash your hands

Британские ученые рассказали, сколько времени на самом деле нужно мыть рукиExperts tell the exact time, which should be paid to hand washing.

Researchers from the UK found that a person needs to wash hands for at least 20 seconds
This time is sufficient to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Experts stress that it is necessary to wash not only hands, but also your hands. The timer on 20 seconds to put not necessarily: you can double-sing “Happy Birthday to You”.

Scientists believe that a quality cleaning hands from bacteria will reduce the need for antibiotics every year are becoming less effective. In particular, the comparison of the long hand washing helps to prevent about one-third of cases of diarrhoea and 16% of cases of respiratory infections.

“If we can reduce the number of diseases requiring antibiotics, we can reduce antibiotic resistance, while maintaining these important medicines for that moment when they do become necessary,” – said the head of the Royal pharmaceutical society, Professor Al Sony.

According to him, even if adults don’t notice the majority of infections, which they are the vehicle, the bacteria still become a real challenge for the most vulnerable categories of citizens such as children and elderly people who then have to prescribe antibiotics.

The survey, which was carried out by the Royal pharmaceutical society, showed that most people do not follow the clean hands properly. In particular, 84% of respondents wash their hands less than the recommended 20 seconds, and more than half (65%) do sometimes forget to wash my hands before eating.

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