Wednesday , April 8 2020
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Wash your hands after watching TV

Among advocates for their approach to the coverage of the topic of the epidemic of the coronavirus that causes harm to mental health. Regardless of which scenario or developed an epidemic of coronavirus in the world and Russia, it’s safe to say she thoroughly change the economic, social and cultural …

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Watch the hands: as stagnation turns into flourishing

Expiring 2019 is another unsuccessful year. However, he reports with a big invention will give a successful look. Never been, but now it becomes a tradition. Each state report on how things are with the economy and people’s well-being, gives a signal to the competition of experts — who better …

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Russia hands over oil market America

OPEC — the acronym is well known to any literate person. It is interpreted as follows: the Organization of countries — exporters of oil (eng. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; OPEC abbreviated). It is an international intergovernmental organization created by oil producing countries to control production quotas for oil. …

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Hands of the Cossacks seek to dismember Russia

The closer the presidential elections in Russia in 2020 aktiviziruyutsya attempts of foreign agencies receiving funding from the U.S. state Department to influence the media environment and the various community groups within Russia. Huge hand thrown on the promotion of left-wing and protest attitudes among the Cossacks. Abroad and in …

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