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Putin comments on Ukrainian weapons in Hamas hands

That some of the weapons sent to Ukraine ended up in the hands of Hamas militants probably has more to do with corruption than deliberate deliveries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. “I doubt that there were deliveries of weapons from Ukraine, but I have no doubt there were …

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Quoting RT plays into Putin’s hands – Hillary Clinton

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin is “thrilled” by the growing political divide in Washington over aid to Ukraine. She also alleged that the Russian leader “scores points” whenever Americans reference views shared by outlets such as RT. In an interview with PBS’s Geoff Bennett …

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Weapons sent to Ukraine could get into wrong hands – Interpol

Weaponry that Washington and its allies in Europe and beyond send to Kiev are likely to end up in the global black market, Interpol Secretary General Juergen Stock said on Wednesday. Various criminal groups already have their eye on these weapons, the official told the Anglo-American Press Association in Paris. …

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Ukraine hands life sentence to Russian soldier

Russian soldier Vadim Shishimarin has been sentenced to life in prison for war crimes by a court in Kiev. Prosecutors accused the 21-year-old sergeant of shooting dead an elderly civilian in the northeastern Sumy Region of Ukraine during the first days of the Russian military offensive, which was launched in …

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Elbows no more: Lavrov & Blinken finally shake hands (VIDEO) 

That was in Iceland, last May, where they held a cordial and business-like discussion. On Thursday, they were set to discuss tensions around Ukraine, in the Swedish capital, on the sidelines of an OSCE event. The meeting came as NATO accused Russia of amassing forces close to Ukrainian borders. Moscow has rejected …

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