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Life is actually getting better

The first feeling that in the pockets, like, began to be abated, the Russians occurred five years ago. But time was solemn, Crimea warmed the soul, the whole country sang “we shall pay any price” and commercialism of society is not welcomed. Later the most desperate, who have Orthodoxy with …

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Expert opinion: do actually detox teas

Should scroll through the tape in Instagram, and you will definitely find a star (from Kourtney Kardashian to Hilary Duff), which advertises one of their favorite drinks for weight loss and getting rid of toxins. So what’s so special about the composition of the detox tea? Together with the experts …

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Sea monsters that actually exist. Photo

Creepy catch of the Novel Fedortsova. At the end of 2016 in Runet drew attention to the Twitter Novel Fedortsova. He works on a fishing trawler and publishes the most unusual specimens of marine life that catch among catch. A year later, the novel leads not only Twitter, but also …

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How much sugar we eat actually

If you ask the average person how much sugar per day he/she consumes, what would be the answer? Sugar is one of the integral components of almost all foods, especially “artificial” (corn flakes, muesli, etc.) and are intended for long storage. According to the classification it is divided into so-called …

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How much it actually costs Apple iPhone X?

The top version of the smartphone Apple iPhone X in our country is 92000 rubles, and this is a very considerable amount, besides, many took credit. And what is the cost of this device, as it winds Apple? As it turned out, wind it a lot, since the real price …

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These rules of healthy lifestyle is actually useless

In our time, a healthy lifestyle has become very popular. Experts say that HLS is not without myths about nutrition. Some of its provisions seem useless, so you can feel free to refuse them. 1. The rejection of the use of saltAmong fans of a healthy lifestyle, there is a …

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