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BMW M3 turned into a road monster

BMW M3 превратили в дорожного «монстра»Tuners have altered coupe BMW M3 in the strange “monster”

The Japanese have always been bizarre ideas in terms of car tuning. However, this work looks particularly ridiculous.

The bumper sports coupe BMW M3 for some reason has attached bumpers as trucks, SUVs or police cars. For example, such as riding in a police of Georgia.

Restyling was subjected and the lower part of the bumper.

Wheels tuners and decided to change. Now the low-profile tires “BMW” stands far behind the wings. The car itself was painted in black matte color.

In General, the Japanese version of the German car looks very strange. For our taste the Germans to tune Japanese cars better. Just look at this special version of the Toyota GT86, prepared by the division of the company in Germany.

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