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In Russia the pensioner caught a giant river monster. Video

Length of catch is about 3.5 meters. In the Astrakhan region (Russia) the pensioner caught a giant 200-pound catfish. Live with a monstrous catch published in the “Backwater Angler”. The monster caught a pensioner who, it seems, did not expect such a surprise. Catch weight, according to Fisher, is not …

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The monster from “quiet places”

The case when the monster is not only terrible, but eared. Of course, the main advantage of Monstration of a “quiet place” is that we have them there is almost not seen. In promotional materials until the last moment concealed as they look, and in the final trailer showed a …

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A fisherman caught a monster with human teeth. Video

In the network appeared the monster with eight limbs. British newspaper the Daily Mail drew attention to the Russian fisherman from Murmansk Novel Fedortsova, which publishes photos of unusual underwater creatures. In the network the man became famous in December 2016. Twitter then the sailor numbered 6.5 thousand subscribers, and …

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Astronomers have found the Universe monster

Scientists discovered in the Universe a record of distant black hole monster. Farthest from the Earth “supermassive” black hole 13 billion light-years from our planet. Hole, absorbing matter, arose from the 690 million years after the Big Bang, and now we see it exactly as it was then. It weighs …

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