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West turned to ‘terror’ against Russia – Putin

Failed attempts to “destroy Russia from within” forced Ukraine and its Western “handlers” to turn to terror measures, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday. Speaking at a meeting of the Prosecutor General’s Office Board, Putin outlined how, in his opinion, the priorities of Europe and the US in regard …

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This ‘democratic’ nation has turned into a dictatorship

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet were urged by their American counterparts last week to put an end to the disruption of trade between the two countries caused by the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers and their supporters, who were hanging out on the Ambassador Bridge that links Detroit, Michigan …

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President denies Germany turned into dictatorship

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has dismissed as “nonsense” claims that Covid has turned Germany into a dictatorship, accusing those peddling such messages of disrespecting national “democratic institutions and the rule of law.” Speaking on Wednesday at a discussion panel devoted to the pros and cons of mandatory Covid vaccination, Steinmeier said …

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How fuel prices hike turned into burning police cars in Kazakhstan

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How Clinton’s rape accuser turned Trump supporter

Broaddrick was interviewed for Reade’s podcast ‘The Politics of Survival,’ dedicated to the stories of women who came forward to accuse powerful men of sexual misconduct. Both fall into the category, having accused senior Democratic politicians of assaulting them in the past. Reade alleged she was raped by the incumbent …

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