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Australian scientists have made a loud statement about Antarctica

Австралийские ученые сделали громкое заявление об АнтарктидеDiscovery scientists can change the view of the world.

Experts from the Australian national University, said that under the ice of Antarctica, there is life.

To such conclusion scientists have come to discover that in some caves the temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius. There you can safely walk in t-shirt, and through the ice inside light.

Researchers believe that in the depths there was a whole ecosystem with its flora and fauna. Making analysis of samples, scientists found traces of DNA of lichen, algae and invertebrates.

We can assume that in the depths, too, live and more, perhaps even unknown to science animals.

Scientists do not yet dare to go deep into these formations. The researchers also do not give the exact coordinates of the entrance to the mysterious world of caves.

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