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Astrophysicists first discovered the two paired black holes

Астрофизики впервые обнаружили две спаренные черные дырыOne of the black holes moving in the orbit of another.

On June 27, the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal published one of the most important astronomical discoveries of recent times. Scientists have discovered two paired superheavy black hole.

Assumptions about their existence were put forward twelve years ago, when scientists detected a strange gravitational phenomena in the galaxy “0402+379,” but up to now nobody has been able to discover the cause of this phenomenon. As it turned out, it is the gravitational background of two black holes with a connection between them. Technically, they are from each other at a distance of 24 light years, but they have such a large mass that their gravitational fields are related to each other and are in constant interaction. The total mass of these holes in more than 15 billion times the mass of our Sun.

According to the scientists, this discovery will help to shed light on the essence of the process of the emergence of galaxies and the universe as a whole. It is anticipated that the merger of these two massive black holes occurred due to the merger of two galaxies. Through further studies, scientists are going to simulate the process of convergence of our galaxy with the Andromeda galaxy that awaits the milky Way after only a few million years.

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