Thursday , April 15 2021
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Astrophysicists warn of asteroid threat

This year alone there is a potential to encounter 887. At the moment in the vicinity of the Earth’s atmosphere over a dozen thousand of asteroids, collision with which is not excluded this year. U.S. scientists reported that the asteroid threat is more serious than commonly believed. Astrophysics carefully observe …

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Astrophysicists first discovered the two paired black holes

One of the black holes moving in the orbit of another. On June 27, the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal published one of the most important astronomical discoveries of recent times. Scientists have discovered two paired superheavy black hole. Assumptions about their existence were put forward twelve years ago, when …

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Astrophysicists have discovered a giant radio galaxy

UGC 9555 consumed at least one large galaxy. An international team of astrophysicists has discovered a new giant radio galaxy. It has become one of the largest open so far. Corresponding Preprint available on the website A lenticular radio galaxy UGC 9555 in diameter reaches to 8.34 million light …

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