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Astronomers told about the new discovery on Mars

Астрономы рассказали о новом открытии о Марсе It turns out that the planet was water.

Astronomers have announced that they have found on the Northern hemisphere of Mars large deposits of ice and traces of flows of melt water, which was moving over the surface of the red planet in the age of the dinosaurs on Earth. The researchers ‘ findings were published in the journal JGR: Planets.

In the study, researchers examined images of the Northern hemisphere of the planet obtained with the probe MRO. The glaciers of the Earth and Mars, as the researchers note, is not standing still and are constantly moving down from the mountains or the plains, retreating and advancing with increasing or decreasing temperatures. These ice movements do not go unnoticed to the surface of planets — there are very specific landforms, such as fjords, moraine ridges, RAM’s heads, drumlins, and other objects, clearly showing that here there was once a glacier.

Analyzing images with the MRO, the researchers tried to find a similar landforms located near the modern Martian glaciers. Their neighborhood, as scientists hoped, would help them to understand how fast moving ice of Mars today, and did a large-scale retreat and advance of ice caps in the recent and distant past.

On the plains of Tempe, located to the North of the volcanic plateau of Tharsis, NASA managed to find the so-called Uzzah is quite low and very long hills, similar in shape to train trees.

Uzzah, in contrast to many other glacial landforms are not formed by the movement of themselves of ice and flows of meltwater that occur on the border between the foot of the glacier and the ground and make it narrow, but long channels with a length of several tens of kilometers.

That part of the plains of Tempe where you can find eskers and associated glacier was formed around 150-110 million years ago. This means that the flows of “real” water flowed on the surface of the red planet in the very recent past, when Mars had already cooled down and losing almost its entire atmosphere.

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