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Archaeologists made a sensational discovery in Australia

Археологи сделали сенсационное открытие в АвстралииFind archaeologists has changed representation about Australia’s history.

Scientists have found evidence that Australian aborigines have inhabited the continent much earlier than previously thought.

According to recent reports, they arrived on the continent about 65 million years ago. Previously it was thought that the first people on the continent, there are 47 thousand years ago.

The reason for the revision date was the discovery of ancient stone axes and drawing tools with ochre in the grotto Magebane near Kakadu national Park Northern territory. Apparently, we are talking about the oldest devices for rock art in the world.

Study leader Professor Chris Clarkson from Universitata of Queensland, said that his group managed to determine the age of the colonization of the mass of the earth and “push” it on 18 thousand years concerning the adopted in science Dating to 47 million years ago.

“It is of great importance for the Dating of the exit of people from Africa, and to determine the time of the disappearance of the megafauna and identity in aboriginal history”, – said the scientist.

According to Clarkson, which is based on data from optical Dating of the first people in Australia found the megafauna of the continent, in particular – a giant wombat and lizard.

“We found a beautiful stone axes with attached resin cross arms with potholes on their sharp ends,” – said the head of research.

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