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Archaeologists accidentally made a remarkable discovery in China

Археологи случайно сделали удивительную находку в КитаеFound bones of over 3000 years.

In China, in Shaanxi province, found the bones of ancient crocodiles.

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This information changes the data on the climate of China in ancient times. According to the head of the research group Yue of Lansana for crocodiles environment is large bodies of water: large rivers, lakes or swamps in the subtropics. It would be surprising if these rather primitive animals are settled in unusual places for them.

However, it is in the Northwest of Shaanxi have found their remains, although there was information earlier that there’s a climate that suits the crocodiles. However, the data that the climatic conditions in ancient times in China were different, confirmed by other finds. In particular, shells of shellfish, who lived also in the waters of the subtropics.

In addition to the crocodile bones were found ancient tombs, covered wells, underground cavity with bronze and stone products in and so on. The total number of discovered amounted to more than hundreds of units.

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