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Antarctica began to rapidly become covered with moss

Антарктида начала стремительно покрываться мхомVegetation occurs in the Antarctic because of global warming.

Scientists have recorded in Antarctica, the presence of fast-growing mosses, which indicates the influence of global warming on the coldest corners of the Earth.

As stated by scientists, acceleration of biological activity occurred during the last 50 years. The researchers found two types of moss that grow to three millimeters per year, although previously they were only growing a millimeter a year.

“People keep thinking about Antarctica, and quite rightly, as a very cold place, but our work shows that some of its parts are green, and are likely to be even greener. Even these relatively remote ecosystems show a consequence of anthropogenic climate change,” said one of the researchers, Matthew Amesbury.

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Scientists have studied the region with an area of 640 square miles and noticed a significant biological changes. See also: In Antarctica there is another giant crack

“This is another indication that Argentina is moving backwards in geological time. Atmospheric CO2 levels have already risen to a level which the planet has not seen since the Pliocene, i.e. more than three million years old when Antarctic ice sheets were smaller and sea level was higher”, – said the specialist in study of the ice Rob Deconto from the University of Massachusetts.

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