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A sinister piece of “shadow Man” (VIDEO)

Scary urban legends come to life again in the movie. This time we selected “the shadow Man” (The Shadow Man), a low-budget canadian horror story that is based on the very popular stories about supernatural creatures, woven from the darkness. However, maybe it’s not just stories, after all, the mention of such creatures occur all over the world!

In the film this motif is also used for the first time. Not far to seek, in June this year the editor in chief of the Zone of Horror wrote, like, wander the shadows near your house, talking about the picture on the subject.

New “Man-shadow” put Joshua Freeman. A debutant in the Director’s chair, before he managed to work the operator of the horror film “the Door” and potamogale “cry in the night”. I wonder what the last picture was directed by Andrew Zemek, which in return, turned on a camera in “the shadow Man”.

The script was written by a Adam Tomlinson, also a beginner. In addition, he’s an actor, and you can see it in the film. As I do not write the role for you, if possible? In short, here’s a cabal, its all in shot without the support of the studios, cheap, but think carefully. At least the accompanying excerpt and the trailer looks quite nice. And yet the villainous creatures there is a small hat. Isn’t that enough? Anyway, judging by the posters, he’s more like of Slender man in a headdress than a silhouette from the darkness.

The girl-photographer pursues dark figure. The black man with the hat is her nightmares and reality. When common sense is almost gone, she meets a strange young man who claims he knows the secrets of the man in the hat.

The main role was played Sarah Jurgens, which you could see in the TV series “I zombie” and “the call of the blood”.

The film took me some time to get to the viewer. Teaser trailer, shown below, was published in 2015, and then the picture was called “man of shadows” (The Man in The Shadows).

Now it became known that the company Sony Home Entertainment has acquired distribution rights to the tape, secretly changing her name and sharing a fresh piece of film. Video, by the way, looks pretty good, causing the Association with the famous scene from the first “Nightmare on elm street”. Hell, have you ever fell asleep while in the bath?

“The shadow man” will be released on DVD and Digital HD October 31, 2017.

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