Saturday , November 28 2020
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“Piece of iron” semaphoric Putin is very bad news

Empty wagons were filled with railway siding: a number of abandoned, temporarily left without air traffic controllers of train movement on the network of Russian Railways has reached a historic high of 1,246 in the day. These totals are for the year 2019 are twice the average downtime in the …

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Russia has officially received a piece of the Caspian sea

Russia and four other countries share the Caspian sea. It took 22 years of negotiationsThe presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkmenistan signed the Convention on the legal status of the Caspian sea. According to the document, each country will establish in the Caspian sea border of their territorial …

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Another piece of the nightmare of horror “Slumber”

Look fresh an excerpt from the horror movie “Slumber: the Labyrinth of sleep”. Yes, therapy helps, and we almost came to terms with Russian localization. However, what the heck with the name — I’m synopses confused. If you remember, at first it was about the demon, sleep paralysis. The characters …

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The Director of “Spawn” shared a piece of script!

About to begin pre-production of the new “Spawn”, and meanwhile, its Creator Todd McFarlane took and tweeted a page from the script of the future film. Oh, and in addition promised that soon there will be other, more serious news. This is good because we missed you a little bit. …

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Piece of fresh jokes for a good mood

Another reason for laughter. Sometimes we don’t even think about how little we need for happiness. It turns out that to be happy, to be cheerful and not to lose hohmichele mood. But there are days when the mood does not and all that remains is to raise it by …

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A mysterious piece of “Radius” (VIDEO)

Canadian sci-Fi Thriller “Radius” is already available for viewing, but if you don’t know what it is, then pay attention to this passage. A better look at the excellent trailer. Anyway the plot of the movie is intriguing, isn’t it? Having survived a car accident, Liam wakes up and realizes …

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