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Shock and glee: Twitter’s ban of US President Donald Trump evokes shadow of Orwellian corporate dictatorship

Within minutes of Friday evening’s announcement that Trump would be “permanently suspended” because his tweets expressing support for his voters and refusal to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration “could be interpreted” as inciting and glorifying violence, ‘THANK YOU TWITTER’ and #TrumpBanned became the top trending topics in the US. A number …

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Haftar has cast a shadow between Shoigu and Lavrov

In the ranks of Russian government an obvious split on the war in Libya, said military expert Pavel Felgenhauer. Troops recognized by the UN national consensus Government of Libya (NTC) after weeks of fighting captured a major military air base of al-Vatiya, located 140 kilometers southwest of the capital, Tripoli. …

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The output of the shadow economy was a threat to Russia

The output of the shadow economy hinders the economic growth of Russia. This opinion is shared by experts interviewed belong to Gregory Berezkin edition RBC. Under a conclusion of economy from shadow sector implies the involvement of informal activities in the regulated turnover. As a result, the workers in the …

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider has received the support of RTX and DLSS

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, was released in September of 2018. Studio Nixxes Software has released a new patch for action-adventure third-person Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which adds support for ray tracing in real time, as well as the technology of Deep Learning-aliasing Super Sampling (DLSS). In particular, the …

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