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With the smell of rum in the center of the milky way and the cloud

С запахом рома: в центре Млечного пути есть необычное облакоThe cloud is in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Publishing News Ufa ToDay published an interview with the scientists, investigating chemical composition of the Galaxy.

According to them, in the center of the milky way discovered a cloud of gas three billion times larger than the size of the Sun, smelling of raspberry rum.

In his quest to explore all, scientists learn not only the chemical composition of the surrounding space, but its smell. So, studying the chemical composition of the gas cloud B2 in the center of our galaxy in the constellation of Sagittarius, the scientists joined in the laboratory the chemical elements similar to that of B2.

Recipe cosmic clouds was simple. Just combine formic and acetic acid, add hydrogen, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), a monosaccharide and formaldehyde. Combining these ingredients, the scientists were able to figure out the flavor of cosmic clouds. The smell of it wonderfully reminiscent of raspberry rum.

Of course, to use the cosmic cocktail is impossible. Fragrant space cloud is not only poisonous, but also radioactive. Scientists need to find the answer to the riddle of how the cosmos could have formed this fragrant object.

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