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Winning in the world of vampirism

New video the fourth and final season of “the Strain” (The Strain). The premiere will take place on 16 July 2017.

By the fourth season the planet is immersed in a post-Apocalypse on the results of a nuclear war, provoked by the vampires led by the Master. Now most people work for Strigoi with a disappointing choice – cooperate or die. The Strigoi had the opportunity to move freely in the daytime, and the Owner has installed a dictatorship.

The show went book trilogy for autorstwa Chuck Hogan (as well as Guillermo Del Toro, though, probably, he simply gave a professional writer some ideas and hyped their own name on the cover), but those who read the books say that the show turned out better – at least better than the second and third volumes.

I myself am limited to only the first novel began very, very bad, but ended in Hollywood dull pressed action. What more you prefer – books or TV series?

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