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“Wildly funny”: the blooper in “the LC” about the “ancient miners” laugh Network

«Дико смешно»: ляп в «ЛНР» о «древних шахтерах» рассмешил СетьUsers once again found something to mess with.

In the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” every day, new born pearls. This time in the occupied territories of Ukraine made up a story about Donetsk miners that existed 4 thousand years ago.

The “LC” think that human civilization was able to develop thanks to the miners of Donbass. They allegedly helped to develop the capacity of mankind for another 4 thousand years ago. This statement was made by the so-called “Chairman of the people’s Council LNR” Vladimir Degtyarenko.

These absurd words immediately ridiculed in the network. In particular, the statement “official LC” commented on its website, the journalist Denis Kazan.

“Four thousand years ago, there was no great ukrov. Here were the miners of Donbass. And they still, 4 thousand years ago, it was mined coal and built towns, developed human civilization,” he recalls it Degtyarenko during a speech before the workers of the mines in the miner’s Day.

According to Kazan, this statement demonstrates the level of development of the “LNR officials”, against which even the leader of the local militants Igor Carpenter seems like a smart man.

“On the one hand this is certainly hilarious. And on the other if they are in the role of speaker your albeit fake, but still Parliament, picked up this degenerate, what then is the level of the others? Staff from all of these “ministries”, “committees”, there’s generally two and two without a calculator multiply?.. By the way I’m sure about the “great Ukrainians”, he also quite frankly said. Without irony. They say that the Donbass already 4 thousand years ago from ukrov independent”, — concluded Kazan.

Other users also began to make fun of the stupidity of the “official LC”.

“A strong statement. Test I certainly will not”, — has signed a video which talks about the ancient miners Facebook user Igor Retz.

“Too modest. Had to stick once in 65 million years”, “actually it was the opposite. Ancient damasane buried coal, create jobs for current miners,” “And here you just should not laugh. Like yesterday I remember: here I go out once 3999 years ago I outside, and here the miners of Donbass!”, — the irony of nick in the comments.

Earlier, in the “LC” mark their own history textbook, which is also referred to ancient times.

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