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Why you need to throw a Soviet carpet

Почему нужно выбросить советский ковёр

So, friends — today will be it is interesting topic, about which I have long wanted to write a post — carpets on the walls, which unfortunately are still quite popular thing in our latitudes. Fashion wall hangings appeared in the Soviet Union — there the carpet was a measure of prosperity, plus give any kind of extra sound insulation in the inferior free Khrushchev. Carpets on the walls had survived the nineties, but in the early to mid-two-thousand began to disappear, transformed from a symbol of wealth and prosperity to a symbol of decline and poverty.

So in today’s post — the story about wall carpets, after which you will want to throw away your carpet (if you have it is still available). Come under kat, there interesting. Well, friends to add do not forget)

The carpet in the Soviet past.

Почему нужно выбросить советский ковёр

In order to understand where in our apartments come from the carpets you need to turn to recent history. In the pre-war USSR the carpets were a rare luxury that could afford only wealthy families — in the homes of the poorer had at best only small mats. The mass distribution of carpets we had in the sixties — and this was partly due to mass moving into a new apartment-Khrushchev.

Due to the low quality of the new mass panel construction soundproofing in the “June bug” left much to be desired, and a good way to improve sound and thermal insulation was hanging on the walls of the carpet. As a rule, the rug hung on the wall of the room that bordered the neighbors, but later the carpet began to appear on other walls.

What is most interesting — in the USSR, the carpet was considered, but at a cost and really is a luxury item. The average salary in the USSR was about 130-140 rubles, while the cost of a decent carpet started from 150-180 rubles. I’ve heard of cases where individuals have laid out for some “scarce” carpets with a rare figure at 300, 500 and even 800 rubles. Can you imagine that)?

In General, in the USSR, 1960s-70s, the carpet was quite expensive and having it on the wall of the apartment spoke of the prosperity of the owners.

Life on the background of the carpet.

Почему нужно выбросить советский ковёр

Gradually, the carpets became more widespread, and replaced the expensive Turkmen, Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani carpets came cheap local that is produced in the European republics of the USSR, often from synthetic materials. Around Ceredase eighties the carpet on the wall was every second (if not every the first) Soviet family, and a host of household habits and rules that are associated with carpets.

Hang rugs on the wall so the first drill we had to drill holes in the concrete wall, then hammer back the makeshift wooden dowels (cut from twigs or even made of pencils), and then hand tighten them with screws. The screws in the USSR was made of cheap free-cutting steel, which was quite viscous — why the screwdriver often tore the crosspiece of the slot, and tighten super in the wall was the more “fun”) To the carpet podevalis special aluminum loops (white or brown), which he then hung on the screws.

One or two times a year the carpets are definitely beat. In the winter it was possible to do in the snow (having spread a carpet on the snow face down), and in the summer the carpets are often knocked just out in the yard — in Soviet yards were frequent pattern, like some peasant comes out flat from a rolled carpet, hanging it on the bar, and then with terrible force pounding on it with a plastic rug beater — carried while in the area claps resembled the volley fire reactive artillery.

In General in the USSR, the carpet was expensive, status and maintenance thing.

The end of the carpeted comfort.

Почему нужно выбросить советский ковёр

Carpets on the walls survived the ninetiesand early two-thousand began to look somehow anachronistic. No coziness carpets not really added, just gathering dust, and as “status” — so in the nineties there was a lot of other things (videodvoyki, music centers, gaming consoles), which talked about the wealth of the owner is much more than a carpet.

Nevertheless, the carpets were in no hurry to take their positions, remaining hanging on walls in many apartments. About the middle of the two thousandth the era of digital photography and the Internet filled thousands of Potresov and self-portraits, taken against the background of the carpet — especially funny looked all sorts of costumed gatesy and emo make-up “a La the Hollywood movie” — in the background which definitely was the carpet, flaky sideboard with crockery, bow-legged and ragged Soviet chairs, and a TV “Goldstar” in 1992.

Almost immediately after the carpet has become an Internet meme — derided absurd portraits on the background of the carpet, and the carpet on the wall of indicator of “prosperity” in the seventies had become by the mid-2000s, an indicator of poverty. Approximately in the same years the carpet began to disappear from the apartments, and now is only where it is deliberately made to repair “oldusername” style, or (second option) — in boboshtica.

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Such cases. What do you think about the carpet on the wall? If you have one, then why do you keep it? Maybe some of your friends still live with carpet? Personally, I believe that the Soviet carpets it is high time to throw out the apartments — they are unhygienic, collect dust and turn any room into Asian Yurt.

What do you think about this?

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