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EU tells ex-Soviet state to sanction Russia

The European Union expects Moldova to fully implement sanctions against Russia in order to demonstrate “European values,” the bloc’s ambassador in the former Soviet republic said on Tuesday. If Chisinau truly wants to join the EU some day, it needs to implement all of the bloc’s laws, rules and regulations …

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China questions sovereignty of ex-Soviet states

China’s ambassador to France has called into question the sovereignty of Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, suggesting that their hazy status under international law makes it difficult to resolve conflicts over disputed territories such as Crimea. “Even these countries of the former Soviet Union don’t have effective status in …

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Lavrov likens protests in ex-Soviet state to 2014 Kiev coup

The massive protests Georgia has been facing over the past week closely resemble the 2014 Maidan coup in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday. Backed by external powers, these protests are just another plot attempt, he told the ‘Great Game’ show on Russia’s Channel 1. Over the …

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Ghost of Soviet Union still haunts Washington – Moscow

The US’ support for Ukraine is motivated by a Cold War-era desire to weaken Russia and make Europe its subordinate, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov told Newsweek on Saturday. However, he foresees a new “multipolar world” emerging. Speaking to the American magazine a week after the Pentagon announced a …

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Baltic state demolishes Soviet WWII monument

Workers have started removing the monument to the liberators of Latvia from the Nazis, with at least one excavator and a truck already at the site. Earlier, the city council of the capital, Riga decided to demolish the memorial despite protests from some. On Tuesday, Russia’s Zvezda TV reported that …

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Legendary Soviet shops return to Russia

The Russian government has decided to open two specialty stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg, selling alcohol, tobacco, candy, cosmetics, jewelry, smartphones and watches. The duty-free establishments will take both rubles and foreign currencies. The twist is that only people with special documents will be able to shop there, just …

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