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Who started the Second world war and whether the occupation of the Baltic States by the Soviet Union? (Part 3)

Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)

With the Baltic States there is the following situation. In 1938, the year, Germany issued an ultimatum to Lithuania and demanded the transfer of Klaipeda (Memel) and the entire area in order to organize its naval base. As compensation for Lithuania allowed one of the piers in Klaipeda (Memele) to use for the Lithuanian ships.

Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)        
Fig.1 Territorial problems of Lithuania in 1939–1940.

But here, the result of the German-Polish war of 1939, Germany goes to the borders of the Baltic States and then the leaders of the Baltic States itching their heads. They realized that Germany is ready to Annex the Baltic States. And then governments of the Baltic countries turned to Moscow with a request to conclude a Pact of mutual assistance and the introduction into the territory of the Baltic countries limited contingent of Soviet troops, about 20 – 25 thousand. The Soviet Union agreed to it. Signed a mutual assistance treaties. But what began to happen? After all, we also tell how: supposedly the Soviet tanks had invaded the Baltic States, there are all suppressed, crushed, etc. etc. Pact of mutual assistance with Estonia was signed in Moscow on 28 September 1939, then the capital of the USSR comes to brow beat the Latvian delegation and on 5 October 1939 with her is a similar contract.

Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть) 
Fig.2 Confidential Protocol to the Covenant

October 10, the Pact of mutual assistance was signed with Lithuania, which, moreover, is guaranteed to grant protection, but were transferred to occupied Poland historical capital of Vilnius, plus 6 739 sq. km with a population of about 430 thousand people. I wonder whether there are in world history, such acts of occupation? Our troops are not on the tanks, so to speak, on the trains arrived, even one of the Riga Newspapers wrote that through the border crossing point proceeded to the first echelon military contingent of the red Army, which, according to the Pact of mutual assistance, there is a certain territory of a military garrison on the terms of the lease. Remember, the scale and the terms on which American bases are located in Japan. Here is where then it is a real occupation!
But then what happens??? The fact is that in 1934, in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania almost at the same time, there were coups, where päts of Estonia, Latvia Ulmanis, in Lithuania, the Smetona established dictatorial power, banned the political parties and imprisoned the Communists and the people, as it is now called in Ukraine, Russian-speaking, or focused on Russia or the ascetics of the invaders, as there now called, put them in prison. The Soviet Union had no need to invade the Baltic States and invaded it, was the contract and our border-guard contingent stood there. These soldiers, from the border contingent began to steal, to kill and to torture. The Soviet Union is turning and gives the facts, says: “either in your country will be a government that will abide by this Covenant, to restore order and punish the guilty, or we terminate our troops leave.” Where is the occupation?

Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)           
Fig.3 Completely sane requirements, do not want to carry their microscopic obligations, terminate the contract yourself or we have terminated!

Feel the difference, Nazi Germany presents an ultimatum to Lithuania ascompensation about giving the coveted territory, and the Soviet Union just demands that it put its house in order and fulfill the signed contract!
And here comes a funny incident when the Lithuanian dictator Smetona proposed to his government: “and let’s make an Alliance with Germany and start war against the Soviet Union”, his own government did not support, he himself was forced to flee to Germany. The bourgeois governments of the Baltic countries pragmatically agreed to the ultimatum, was removed from most activities, so to speak, their (there, in Lithuania is the name of the Minister of internal Affairs, who ordered the kidnapping of our soldiers and their torture) was removed from the government of the most odious figures, released from prison opposition parties. Elections were held and the opposition party won honestly, because oppressed people have voted for them.
Now you can hear a whole bunch of votes “and there they are, as in the Crimea, little green men, under Soviet bayonets!” Sitting on garrisons ridiculous. But you know who denied all the speculation? Don’t know? The Nazis. They, when they took over Estonia, all the Baltic States, they started to check the results of the vote. So in Estonia, there was 84%, for the new government, and they found 4% of votes is not entirely objective, he said, that 80% voted for it, not 84% and 80%. None of the Baltic country, where they checked the voting, and the voting, let me remind you, the secret was, they did not Express doubt about the accuracy of the vote to elect their legislative bodies.
So where is the occupation? Here, in my opinion, on the contrary, the infinite patience of the Soviet Union and all this for the sake of distancing the fascist threat away from the strategic centers of the country. Another fact the so-called occupation is given in the scheme of events.

Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)        
Fig.4 Is also not considered, Lithuania owes nothing, it should!

The question arises, Britain and France participated in fomenting war, it’s understandable. But the border States – the Baltic States, when asked the Soviet Union to protect them from possible aggression of Germany, and then here and so on the sly knife in the back of our servicemen residing in their territory, slipping. Is that schizophrenia? No.
Why do we now hear the main charge, which Express the bastards type Sytina or Annuala that in 1939 the Soviet Union was to start a war with Nazi Germany? So this phenomenon of the same order. They then calculated that the Soviet Union will immediately start a war for them, so to speak, happiness, and they will warm my pens and will join the winner. Did not work, was not the Soviet Union to wage war with Nazi Germany, was not ready for this yet and then out of despair they were Soviet soldiers to kidnap and interrogate to get information about our so to speak of certain mysteries, etc, could not the soul of burzhuina and began to do what I’ve always wanted to do, when a little away from the fright.
The decision of the Baltic peoples, contrary to the bourgeois aspirations of their elites to join the friendly family in the Soviet Union was the natural result of the policy of the Soviet Union the dictatorship of the proletariat and not the bourgeoisie.

Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)        
Fig.5 Declaration of independent of the Seimas according to the will of a free people

By the way, very interesting fact: because Britain and France in the Treaty of mutual assistance with Poland had to declare war to Germany because, according to Poland. If its territory has committed aggression by the Soviet Union, Britain and France had to declare war on the Soviet Union, and they are ardent anti-Soviet, not announced! Although the poles in the person of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Arciszewskiego and immigrant government in London demanded that they do so. The Soviet Union then they were presented with a map of the Trianon Protocol Annex to the Treaty of Versailles, which set the border between Poland and Russia of the Curzon line, where all the territories of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus was part of Soviet Russia. And said, “now, We’re going to war against the violator of the Treaty of Versailles, and we will also get to violate the Treaty of Versailles?”

 Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)        
Fig.6 Curzon Line for Poland, not a decree
Кто начал Вторую мировую и была ли оккупация Прибалтики Советским Союзом? (3 часть)

I must tell you one very interesting thing, Britain and France did not consider Hitler then something with some horrible, how did not think before the end of the war, when it became clear the results. The fact that the behavior of Hitler in Europe in the occupied countries was no different from the behavior of England and France in their colonies. They likewise killed people, herded into concentration camps, suppressed all disturbances, etc., etc. But it is, so to say, civilized country, as we say. What is that? Well, who are there Arabs there or in Indochina, the Cambodians, the Indians in India or is there any blacks in the Sudan, well whatever, for them it is – not the people. And for Hitler “not people” was the population of Eastern Europe. And characteristically, I stress, as the last argument, let’s see who actually fought on the side of Germany with the Soviet Union, is also a very interesting question. On the territory of the Soviet Union, together with Germany, has introduced its troops and six European countries. Spain, Blue division near Leningrad 50,000 people, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Finland. Two French SS division, one of which is may 2, 1945, defending the Reichstag against the Soviet troops, the SS division Benelux Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg division of the SS Dunmore Danish SS division, a Norwegian Viking, Akovtsy, who shot Soviet soldiers in the back in Poland and, moreover, the Polish part was served in Hitler’s army.
Touch is known to Sobibor, but who guarded the camp, where Alexander Pechersky raised a successful rebellion? And “you now… Yes, that’s the Jew” … Yes, of course, but in the first place then, I dare say, before the war, in General, in the Soviet Union there was no such division of nationality, and was a Soviet officer and a Communist. And when in Sobibor came a group of Soviet prisoners of war, among whom was Alexander Pechersky, began preparations for the uprising. The protection of the camps was the so-called blue coat, the Polish part of security, and you will very much laugh, the Ukrainian auxiliary units. The Germans weren’t there. Funny right?
I think now I understand why such dancing around Sobibor and the attempt of the Tribunal over communism. After all, we already discussed that in this war against bourgeois Europe, pronounced against the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in the face of Nazi Germany and joined her of the heroes fighting on the technique of Skoda plant in the Czech, I will remind you that the third technique of Germany was the production of the Skoda factory and the German workers were told that the Czech workers in the discipline and accuracy from the German does not differ. Then it turns out that the concentration camp is now trying to restore those who are the concentration camp guard, so to speak, to build a memorial that the Tribunal over communism require to make allies of Hitler in the outbreak of the Second world war!?
They are the losers in the Second World war because in the great Patriotic war, won the dictatorship of the proletariat, which crushed the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie of Europe and how they think you should behave? Through may 9, 1945 because they can’t step over! So what to do? To expose yourself to the unfortunate victims, on the one hand Nazi Germany, on the other hand, the Communist Soviet Union. “Here we fought against both of them, and we won those and other some other 1945 to 1991”. But the fact of the matter is that they were allies of Hitler, and it is no coincidence that England and France landed in Europe in the summer of 1944, when it became clear the result that the Soviet Union crushed Germany.
80% of Hitler’s divisions were crushed on the Soviet front, is destroyed, and when the British and Americans tried to organize the offensive in the Ardennes about a hundred American divisions stopped them 28 battered divisions of field Marshal Rundstedt, derived from the Eastern front. And Churchill almost on his knees begged Stalin to start the offensive early on the Oder, to save England and America from the defeat in the war. They waited until the Soviet Union crushed Germany and take Berlin because they were afraid of Nazi Germany. Tactics were planes, so to speak, to fly, to bomb Dresden and fly away. Further on Soviet territory, sat down, refueled and departed for the return flight, on the road again something bombed and returned to England as heroes. You know what it is? That this is precisely the matter and the mystery is, why dance around Sobibor and why constantly referred to the Tribunal on communism. Just because to hide their shameful involvement on the side of the Nazis in the Second World war.
Fast forward to the end of the war, so who did win in the Great genius of Stalin, or our sacred people?
Understand, and strong was always a socialist system than a strong system of the Dictatorship of the proletariat, that it has always put forward one side of the statesmen who thought about the country and not about himself, but on the other hand, educated people are ready to defend their country. It is no coincidence Khrushchev abolished the principle of the Dictatorship of the proletariat and introduced the principle of the whole people of the state, after which it became possible to shoot the workers of Novocherkassk, that is “the winners in the great Patriotic war”. The Soviet authorities organized the country’s economy, agriculture, science, manufacturing, healthcare, so that were able to survive. I would remind those who don’t know: through the army in the Great Patriotic war has passed 34 million people 9 million people — is losing on the battlefield. You know what it is? I’m not talking about those 20 million who the Nazis just killed. Not exactly Nazis, but the Nazis because punitive operations just dealt with troops of the waffen SS Baltic, Bandera Ukrainian, most of the Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Chechens, Ingush Muslim Legion. They engaged in punitive operations, the Germans took part in the fight against the population only with a substantial loss. And this case involved collaborators, it is also the reason that they are now dancing around the Tribunal of the communism and around Sobibor.

Now, won the war with the Soviet Union against Nazi Europe, Soviet power, the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the dictatorship of the proletariat triumphed over the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie of a United Europe.

The end.

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