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What happened in Yekaterinburg on the second day of a spontaneous protest in defense of the square. Times

Что происходило в Екатеринбурге во второй день стихийного протеста в защиту сквера. Крат

Arrests, riot police and claps

What happened in Yekaterinburg on the second day of a spontaneous protest in defense of the square. Briefly

In Ekaterinburg the second day held spontaneous protests in defense of the Park near the drama Theatre, which wants to build the Church of St. Catherine. On Monday, the share reached about two thousand people who broke the fence and walked a few hours in the Park. On Tuesday, the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev invited the proponents of the square and supporters of the construction of the temple on the negotiations, which lasted a few hours and virtually no over — the authorities have refused to transfer the construction of the temple, and as an alternative offered the citizens to choose another place in the city for the development of the square. After that, several thousand citizens came out again to protest.

Yesterday representatives of the developer rebuilt the fence around the Park. At 19:00 the townspeople again gathered around him, the majority of protesters stood on the street side of Boris Yeltsin. People handed out leaflets, played musical instruments, sang and talked. In the square came Archpriest Maxim changers, through which the Yekaterinburg diocese broadcasts its position on the protest. A few hours, almost until midnight, when the Park has already begun detention, he continued to communicate with the participants and explain to them his position on the temple.

From power in the Park again today, was zampolpreda of the President in UrFO Boris Kirillov and the head of the Department of internal policy of the Sverdlovsk region Anton Tretyakov. Last said Znak.com that he sees no violations of public order on the stock. First time in the Park was attended by the Minister of public safety of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Kudryavtsev.

In the Park from the beginning of the campaign was noticeably more police and employees of Regardie. Almost immediately inside the perimeter fence for security guards chop lined up the security forces in helmets — before such was not.

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Today, the shares had a lot more young people than yesterday. About an hour after the rally started, the participants began to try to undermine the fence. At one point it broke through, then was arrested the first three people who got inside the cordon. To 20:30 between protesters and security began to be clashes. Groups of students were periodically recaptured part of the fence the guards and threw it in the river. Other participants are asked not to pollute the pond. “Bald spots” in the fence was closed, the employees chop, standing in a human chain.

Gradually, the activists destroyed a significant part of the fence. The more active protesters rather harshly detained and taken away in a paddy wagon. Some detainees were placed face down on the ground. One of the detainees was taken away in an ambulance with suspected broken ribs. Just before came to the square, riot police detained about 15 people, including three minors. They were taken to the police Department, work with them human rights defenders.

To 23:00 hours to the Park came at least four cars with Riot police, which was in heavy uniforms, with batons, employees were inside the cordon. In the square began to periodically use smoke bombs, loud bangs, the origin of which is not known (there were different versions of firecrackers to stun grenades). Riot police began beating the protesters for part of the fence, some people have got a club. Was detained a few people.

Around midnight, the riot police changed tactics and formed a chain along the waterfront for a Park. People slowly began to crowd out from the square to the fountain and located next to the drama Theatre. It shone in the face, heard the claps, used smoke bombs, protesters were falling, they were helped to climb the other participants. The riot police periodically one drove people out of the crowd and taken inside the cordon, which was regarded as an act of intimidation.

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When the security forces managed to clean up a large part of the embankment, the protesters moved to the street of Boris Yeltsin and kind of blocked the roadway: a solid crowd they went back and forth for the transition, not letting cars pass. The traffic police had to block the street on March 8.

All this time except “power” part of the protest was and the part that can be called “the walking citizens”. The square is constantly live music was played, people sang, danced, talked. For the most part, the protest seemed peaceful. The participants were actively removed the rubbish. Even the boxes were crowded, the lawns are left clean. At one point in the square there is a crack in the form of Orthodox crosses, ending with shovels, even their members took with them.

Of several thousand participants, according to human rights activists, were detained 28 people. Against them in police stations have already started to draw up reports on the violation of article 19.3 of the administrative code (“disobedience to the lawful demands of police officers”).

By one o’clock most of the activists froze and broke. The most persistent participants went on Lenin Avenue, but where exactly is not reported. To 01:30 riot police withdrew from the square, and the employees of PSE is almost completely rebuilt the fence around it. Has been used, like new fencing, and those that broke down the protesters — most of them lay in a pile near the steps to the Theatre. Employees of Regardie took the guards into the ring to protest did not prevent the repair of the fence.

Details about what happened during the campaign, you can read in our online broadcasting.

Leave, the protesters discussed what we intend to go for a drive to the Park and the next day, Wednesday.

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