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We are waiting for the largest political crisis

Нас ждет крупнейший политический кризис

Classic hazing in the army was built on a two-year term of service and old-timers who scoffed at recruits after they survived the first year in their role. This chain of initiations in the violence once it broke off in the last two years of the appeal: were the soldiers that bullying still went, but to stay in the role of old-timers they have no chance.

Now this story is repeated across society. Our generation grew in a hierarchical Patriarchal culture, where flourished all kinds of violence: in school, at work, and the family raved collective Mikhail Khachaturyan.

Teachers who belittled students, was the norm, not an unfortunate excess. On school education was there was a thick stench of the post-Soviet the wisdom of principals, the forest of hands and head that you forgot at home. Neurotic patriarchs, whose culture was pushing for the role of head of the family, quietly drinking vodka, and in the intervals beat up their wives and children. Stupid orders in the workplace is not questioned, for they came from high-status men, and sometimes women playing their role. To subordinates was made applies expendable, are not entitled to a personal opinion, dignity and General subjectivity.

Of course, all went to the fact that the generation that Wroclawskie in the nineties and zero at some point itself will be in the role of grandparents and revenge.

For some reason, whether it be height of intolerance to violence, political dynamics or transparency in all social relations, made possible by digital media, this machine for porting and the re-establishment of the status and patterns of power relations between the generations is broken right now.

In major European cities, including Moscow, we will be the first people brought up in violence, but were not able to do the same with those who are now twenty.

And for this reason I have three conclusions.

First, what is happiness, for self-esteem don’t have to play in a Patriarchal boss or absurd in their communal power of the father.

Secondly, people of all ages, who had not noticed that the world has changed, and inertia trying to fit into the old hierarchical structure for “promotion” and “career”, and conventionally are deputies from the liberal democratic party, or, on the contrary, hysterically trying to maintain old hierarchies and their place in them the logic of “I’m the boss, you’re a fool,” — so people can sympathize.

Thirdly, it is clear that we are waiting for the largest political crisis, based not only on dissatisfaction with the pension reform and such things, and the ideological incompatibility of the current administration and the Russians, who had to grow up in a free country. It is sometimes called now “student activism”, but the number of those who are silently furious clench my fists, much more than those who signed an open letter DOXA.

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