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We are a planet of the Solar system will disappear first

Стало известно, какая планета Солнечной системы исчезнет первойScientists warn about possible dangers.

Analysis of observations of the planets of the Solar system has allowed scientists to make the assumption that soon the system may lose one of the planets.

Experts believe that this planet will be mercury. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the planet closest to the Sun. Regular observations of the planet indicate that in a long time, the orbit of mercury deviated from its original position. If this trend will continue in the future, this will lead to the fact that the planet beyond the milky way.

At the same time, astronomers considered another option, where the Sun almost engulf the planet that will occur in the period of transformation of the star into the gas giant. However, life on Earth in this case, it will also be impossible.

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