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Watching the beginning of the Thriller “THELMA”

Recall lesbian-religious-paranormal Thriller, “Thelma”, nominated for “Oscar” from Norway, twist already in cinemas. But not in my town. Imagine a whole month on the website of the cinema hung announcement, and at the last moment again and nothing. Here’s a personal tragedy. Hope you had more luck, because the film is, apparently, worthy.


Thelma enters the University and for the first time begins to live separately from their parents, devout Christians. The girl did not give in to temptations, do not drink or smoke, but some things can not resist — she’s attracted to another girl. Awakening feelings and desires suddenly unleash its frightening dark powers. When a friend of Thelma disappears, she realizes that this may be her fault…

Really unusual gift began to manifest in Telmo in childhood. Below you can see two passages that give us insight into how parental love in the family of the girl combined with fear. The first movie is actually the beginning of the film. The stage itself, however, has flashed in the Area of Horror, but in a slightly abbreviated form. And here is the second video we haven’t shown, and I very recommended for viewing. Intense, scary and childishly simple.

Here is what Director Joachim Trier in an interview to share Lenta.Ru about the paranormal and frightening in your film:

In the case of “Thelma,” I decided it was time to finally try to enter in my movie here is the element of the supernatural, which is always so much intrigued me on the screen. Therefore, the “Thelma” looks like a traditional genre film — widescreen format CinemaScope, two hundred frames from the computer generated special effects, including snakes and birds. And not only looks — but feels it is very important to maintain throughout the film the suspense, but to escalate it in an appropriate, correct for the history of the rhythm.

Looks like the last Trier was quite successful. At least these and other passages say about this.

So, from November 23, “Thelma” is in the Russian hire, so check the schedule for your closest cinema and go for me for a session.

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