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Wash your hands after watching TV

Among advocates for their approach to the coverage of the topic of the epidemic of the coronavirus that causes harm to mental health. Regardless of which scenario or developed an epidemic of coronavirus in the world and Russia, it’s safe to say she thoroughly change the economic, social and cultural …

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Died, watching at the snow

And you say – coronavirus. She lives, you know, generally unpredictable. Can happen anything and no one knows where we are face-to-face meet Uninvited. I want to send greetings to all antireligioznik, sure that the habit of measles and polio detrimental impact on the health of their child, but they …

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Ten healthy snacks for those watching the waistline

Nutritionists have called products that are best suited for an afternoon snack. The day man needs a minimum of two times to snack is between Breakfast and lunch, and after lunch for a couple of hours before dinner. But those snacks, which often satisfy hunger office workers, are not suitable …

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Watching the beginning of the Thriller “THELMA”

Recall lesbian-religious-paranormal Thriller, “Thelma”, nominated for “Oscar” from Norway, twist already in cinemas. But not in my town. Imagine a whole month on the website of the cinema hung announcement, and at the last moment again and nothing. Here’s a personal tragedy. Hope you had more luck, because the film …

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