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Watch fresh trailer for French horror film “Cold ground”

About this movie referred to as the first French movie in the genre of found-footage. “Found the film” now out of fashion, but someone, as it turned out, just starting to discover this area. Well, vain or not, only time will tell and the reaction of the audience.

“Cold ground” (Cold Ground) removed Fabien Delage (Fabien Delage), among the founders are no big names, Yes, they’re not needed. The main thing that there was a camera, an atmospheric location and as many as 25 thousand euros budget.

In the center of the story, two young journalists – Melissa and David. In the yard in the 70s of the last century, the couple arrives in the snowy mountain woods somewhere on the border of France and Switzerland to deal with the oddities that occur with cattle, and shoot everything on video. But when the heroes get to the destination, it turns out that a team of scientists with which they were supposed to meet, has gone missing.

We got a new trailer, and there’s all the classics: the shakes, the darkness, rush, shouting, did not really show much and did not really clear, but a little bit scary. A sort of “Blair Witch: the Winter season”. Old school poster is also attached.

The premiere is scheduled for 2018.

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