Monday , March 8 2021
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WATCH: People flee to higher ground, boats rush to safer waters after New Zealand says tsunami evacuation ‘overrides’ Covid alert

READ MORE: Hawaii & Samoa under TSUNAMI WATCH after 8.1 earthquake north of New Zealand Residents were instructed to evacuate some coastal areas “immediately” in the wake of a series of Friday morning’s quakes – three of them registering at more than 7.0 in magnitude – with the National Emergency Management Agency stating the order …

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Top 10 ANTI-WOKE CELEBRITIES who held their ground in 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown restrictions, plus a US presidential election that sucked up everyone’s attention, 2020 provided a plethora of opportunities for celebrities to virtue signal and prove their SJW bona fides. Luckily, however, the woke beast that is the collective political thought bubble pushed by Hollywood …

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Officials living on our money, we finally got off the ground

What a shame. The Ministry decided to take away from families the already shamefully small attendance allowance for the child. “If during the period of the insured person on a part-time child care provides other person the right of the insured person for the monthly allowance for child care stops.” …

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