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Walker spoke about the readiness of Ukraine to join NATO

Волкер рассказал о готовности Украины к вступлению в НАТОThe special representative of the Department of state shared their opinions in this situation.

Special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that Ukraine is not ready to join NATO, but the Alliance is not ready to accept it. He stated this in an interview with journalist Andrey Palchevskogo.

“I respect Ukraine, but I do not believe that Ukraine is ready to join NATO, and NATO is ready to take her to the situation that now exists,” said Kurt Volker.

He also noted that the country’s preparation to join the Alliance takes a lot of time. And the decision about joining NATO anyway remains for the Ukrainian side.

“Both the US and the EU, and Russia – all have to understand that Ukraine is an independent country and in fact nobody can say that Ukraine will become a NATO member. It is completely the decision of Ukraine. But this does not mean that Ukraine is close to getting an invitation to NATO,” said Volker.

He added that Ukraine is not ready to join NATO from the point of view of security.

Previously, Kurt Volker talked about his views on the refusal of Ukraine of nuclear weapons in 1994, and the correctness of that decision for the country.

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