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VKontakte has become a weapon of hackers believe in the United States

ВКонтакте стала оружием хакеров, считают в СШАIn the United States has explained the meaning of the lock Ukraine, the Russian social networks.

The Wall Street Journal released an article which tells about the threats to the Russian social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Experts on cyber security believe that social networks represent an even greater danger than propaganda, became the launching pad for the hacker attacks, says the publication.

Social networks allow hackers to gather personal information about people who are going to attack, but also as a platform for malicious programs.

“In Ukraine such an attack could be fatal,” reads the article.

Once in the East of Ukraine the war began, the American cyber security company CrowdStrike found that Russian hackers associated with the group APT 28, spread through Vkontakte virus for Android apps. The harmful program has penetrated the software for the Ukrainian artillery, which is designed by Yaroslav Sherstyuk. The program allows to calculate the targeting information of the Ukrainian howitzers. But the virus is allowed to break the program and determine the location of the artillery Ukrainian, then Russian forces could inflict on him a blow.

The publication says that last year Russian hackers even tried to bring down a substation in Kiev. Another cyberspying group from Russia Sandworm staged an attack on the power grid in Western Ukraine. On this edition said the analyst, FireEye John Hultquist.

“Events in Ukraine provide an opportunity to obtain information about the enemy before he will arrange a new attack in the West” – said the American expert.

According to him, the malicious code Sandworm, which is found in Ukraine, were seen in elektroenergeticheskoi USA network.

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