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“Very strange cases 2”: more guns, more monsters, more ‘ 80s! (REVIEW)

Recently we are in the Area of Horror was told that it is better to watch on Halloween. But, you know, on October 27 , Netflix released the second season of “Very strange case”, and in my opinion, any top Halloween you can easily replace these nine episodes, because the action there revolves around our favorite holiday, nomernoi evil and pumpkins.

Of course, that you came a sequel, you have to love the first season and the very essence of this show. Fortunately it is not difficult, as the project of the brothers Duffer peak appeared on a powerful nostalgic trend of recent years. We fondly remembered science fiction and horror of the 80s. Greet paintings, stylized Grindhouse and other old school. Applaud the comebacks of the iconic heroes of the time. Listen to retrouve finally. And “Very strange things” has absorbed almost all of it. The show didn’t have some of the original story, all stories are familiar to us and obviously loved. This could be termed unfair play, but Gaffery not trying to cash in on our feelings, they just feel the same and try to Express it in the form of this series. “Very strange things” — not an attraction in the 80s, it is a sincere and compelling ode to the culture of the time.

And the second season only adds to the sincerity that adds to the excitement.

Recall that last year we met with the residents of the fictional town of Hawkins in the state of Indiana. The typical location from the novels of Stephen king, the typical characters of the King of Terrors. Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair and wil Byers is the same Losers ‘ Club from It. It is therefore not surprising, and even illogical, that at least one of the actors of the series (namely, Finn Wolfhard) shone in the recent film adaptation of Andres, Moschetti, albeit in a different way, but in the same company of nerds.

The boys joins a very strange girl, who calls herself Eleven. From birth she was kept imprisoned in a secret laboratory developing telepathic and other unusual abilities that could be useful to the country in the “Cold war” with the Soviet Union. Of course, after escaping the “bad people” trying to return Eleven in the lab. In my opinion, this is all terribly reminiscent of “Firestarter” by the same king. However, with just a hint of “Carrie”. In addition, skinheads, almost not able to speak, Millie Bobby brown, for which chase guys in suits with walkie-talkies is, of course, and even a new version of “E. T.” by Steven Spielberg.

Now, young will Byers falls into the “inside” of the measurement, which is always dark and scary. The boy becomes a hostage of Demogorgon, the monster, which is a mixture of Foreign and Flycatchers. In the end, will get, and the monster give kicked.

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But on the “Other side” has not passed for kid’s gift. The first trailer for the second season has already given us to understand that there’s a new monster, and poor will feels with him some connection. Monstryatinu, and indeed, as usual in the sequels, this one will be bigger and awesomer. By the way, the creators claimed that the second season is inspired by “Terminator 2” and “Strangers”, and damn it, it’s true!

Now I stepped on thin ice, but still try to finish the thought, not falling into fierce spoilers.

What is the difference between the above mentioned sequels to the originals? In the first case, the antagonist becomes the protagonist, the protector, the second one monster is replaced by a whole host of creatures from the final boss in the head. Well, let’s say, the second “Very strange case” is more “Alien” than “Terminator 2”. There’s even an actor from “outsiders” have — Paul Reiser, who played in xenomorphic action movie guy from the “weyland-Yutani”, dragged Ripley on the ill-fated planet LV-426. At first, the hero Reiser tried to pretend like he’s a “nice guy”, but in the end still showed his true colors. And a new character to match the old. Suffice it to say that it works in the same government lab where previously experimented on Eleven. However, this man is not so unequivocal and may not be hopeless.

Meanwhile, the dynamics of the event in the show is inevitably increased. It is understandable, most of the cards are solved, so that the writers can’t for a long time to beat around the Bush. We introduce new characters and at the same time outline the problem. In fact, in the beginning of the season, all the characters somehow are trying to cope with the trauma. Nancy Byers performed by Natalia Dyer again muddying the handsome Steve Harrington, who plays Jo Kiri. Winona Ryder, she’s a panic Joyce Byers, muddying the fat man Sean Astina from Lord of the rings, which is called here Bob Newby. It would seem that between Nancy and Jonathan Byers performed by Charlie Heaton flashed a spark, and the mother’s last exchanged warm glances with the Sheriff Jim Hopper (David harbour). What went wrong? And nothing men are locked in themselves, and women… well, one returns to the comfort zone, and the other dedicates herself to the youngest son. Fortunately, the story develops, and the characters will not allow you to preserve their condition. A year later they will collide again, and at least one of these couples something happens.

By the way, small boys also have a love interest. And while Mike unsuccessfully tries to contact Odie, Lucas and Dustin are very hard and uncomfortable flirting with a new classmate named Max. Mad Max. Sadie sink harmoniously fit into the team, though not all of its members think so. Generally happy that the creators had paid more attention to these kids. Gaten Mataratstso and Caleb McLaughlin was touching and cool in the first season, but kept a little behind Finn Wolfhard. Now they give turn, and best of all-shown itself definitely Mataratstso. Curly hair dusty, his passion for profanity, smile and, of course, “pearls” — all this is just fire!

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In addition, this time much more screen time dedicated to Noah Snappa, slender boy with big eyes and hair under the wig. Will Byers has returned to our world, but continues to torment the underworld flashback, which can be scary predictions. In addition, the lad, who enjoyed popularity in the school, it seems, finally lost the ability to adapt in the big society. And the young actor knows how to convey it. Unsteady gait, frightened look, facial expressions. Snap, plays very bright.

Well, Eleven. The girl is clearly increased this year, and no one is trying to hide this. Moreover, it seems to have occurred the notorious days of the troubled youth. As promised, Eleven became unpredictable, well, or more precisely, the expendables. She rushes to find the family, and each new friend tries to brand her, to bind themselves, calling another shelter home for Odie. In the end, the girl will have to choose, but I think it is clear in advance who she’ll be back.

However, in the third season, obviously coming back and her new friends — a gang of punks stylish. And with them will rise again on the theme of revenge. Because Odie has something to avenge. And most importantly — there is someone.

So, brothers Duffer brought “Very strange things” to the next level, preparing the rich soil for the third stage. Temp is now higher, more guns, more monsters, the monsters also greater. Well, that is one of them. Voltage seems to be squeezed until it stops. Here Comedy, drama, and action movie kind of those same “Foreign” or “Trembling earth”. There is a place even ekzortsistov the horror in the vein of “the Exorcist”. And all this surrounded by an explicit or hidden Easter eggs to the culture of the 80s. All in subtly-chosen colors, under balanced perspective. All this under the great soundtrack, the sound of which almost does not abate for the entire nine episodes. Excellent acting (especially the young), a powerful ending, a touching epilogue, and, damn it, how to live to a third season?!

That’s what the second “a Very strange case.”

Fans will be happy, and the haters, will likely remain in the same confusion from the General enthusiasm. Benefit first a lot more, because somehow we need this spirit of the 80s now. Why is it sweeter to us than the air 2017-wow.

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