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Paleontologists have unearthed the teeth of ancient monsters

Scientists hope that they will be able to find the entire bone.Scientists found the teeth of the ancient dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that in Yakutia in ancient times was inhabited by giant lizards. Specialists who conduct excavations in Suntarsky district, during the examination of the teeth suggested that it is an …

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Sea monsters that actually exist. Photo

Creepy catch of the Novel Fedortsova. At the end of 2016 in Runet drew attention to the Twitter Novel Fedortsova. He works on a fishing trawler and publishes the most unusual specimens of marine life that catch among catch. A year later, the novel leads not only Twitter, but also …

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Nightmarish monsters HP Lovecraft – cool horror art

Remember have often sneaks in the art section of the memory of the Spaniard Gillem, Pongiluppi, which in November held an exhibition of works dedicated to Lovecraftian based on Fantastic Film Festival? Along with him at the same show appeared the work of another lover of creativity, beauty and horror …

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“Monsters on vacation 3” rest with new posters

Zone Horror knows costarica, even when it comes to age limit of 6+. Yes, usually we have going on every creepy horror with blood and other mess, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes we can’t bump into childhood. For example, how to get past the cartoon, whose characters are familiar …

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