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Valve launches an updated system for curators on Steam

Valve запускает обновленную систему кураторов в SteamValve is going to cater to three main audiences: players, by the curators and developers.

Valve does not believe that one group of people should determine what games will be shown to all buyers in the Steam store. So the company wants to shift part of the responsibility to the curators: you subscribe to interesting authors, they leave reviews on certain games on Steam, and there too you understand yourself. This system is in the store for several years, but soon Valve will update its capital.

The owners of the site are going to cater to three main audiences: players, by the curators and developers. Players will be able to explore a personalized showcase of the curator. Recommendations from the authors will appear not only on the home page of Steam, but in the browser according to the tags or genres. That is, for example, if you are looking for interesting shareware games, then you will show recommendations from supervisors who overlook these shareware games.

Curators will also allow you to embed your video in some places on the pages Steam. Therefore, you will be able to see an overview of your favorite “utuber” right in the store. Finally, curators will be able to create and display different lists of goods. Say, something in the spirit of “Games from cool designer” or “Game that you can play while you wait for The Witcher 4”.

Look for interesting curators will be via built-in mechanisms Steam.

For the curators of the upcoming update will offer, again, personalized “home” in the vastness of the Steam, all sorts of graphics activity, as well as direct communication with the developers.

The last is a plus for both developers. Developers will be able to make contact with those supervisors who cover the desired audience. To bloggers and developers have found each other, Valve built a mechanism Curator Connect. It allows you to send a copy of the game directly through Steam. It works like this: igrodely are looking for the right curators using search tools, applies the message with the description of the game and presses the “Send” button. The curator sees a game that he can play, and can either accept them or refuse.

Curator adds Connect game directly into the library, without the hassle of emails or keys. In addition, developers can learn about social influence, which is a particular curator.

Valve already invited some curators to the closed beta. It is planned that testing will take place for about two weeks, and then the system will run for all visitors to Steam. The screenshots in the neighborhood — an example of a new page with the curator.

If the curators you do on the drum, Valve is preparing a few other features that relate to the algorithms of the recommendations. But this company will tell you next time.

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