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Uranium studded with giant diamonds – scientists

Уран усыпан гигантскими бриллиантами, - ученыеThe scientists said, where may be huge deposits of diamonds giant

Scientists have long speculated that the giant ice planet Uranus due to the huge pressure in the atmosphere may from time to time to rain of diamonds.

A team of researchers was able to reconstruct the atmospheric conditions of the Uranium in the laboratory of Stanford University and successfully watched a rain of tiny diamonds. “Previously, researchers could only assume, as formed diamonds. When I saw the results of the latest experiment, it was one of the highlights of my scientific career,” said the study’s lead author Dominik Kraus (Dominik Kraus).

Was already conducted a few experiments to confirm the theory, but in previous studies, scientists have been unable to succeed because there was the possibility of monitoring in real time. In order to test their theory, the team used a microscopic layer of polystyrene and irradiated with a laser when he was between the aluminum plates. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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