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Ukrainians warned of a new scheme of Internet fraud

Украинцев предупредили о новой схеме интернет-мошенничестваThe experts of the national police gave advice on how not to fall for the trick of fraudsters.

Ukrainians should be aware of the scams that are keeping pace with the times, actively exploring the Internet use of excessive credulity of the citizens, and therefore, to avoid losses, people should not report sensitive information about yourself to strangers. Warned about this in the press service of the National police.

“With the Internet and message boards people post information about selling things and indicate the Bank account number where to transfer money. Call them cheaters and are willing to purchase and transfer the money. Using the telephone instructions of the attackers, the sellers misleading the Bank secret question, pin codes received on a mobile and other data with the help of which the scammers take all the money of citizens,” warned police.

The guards said that the Ukrainians need to be careful when performing monetary transactions, especially via the Internet.

“In any case, no one to report information on the payment card or the card account, for example, PIN, passwords, access to accounts, the validity of the payment card, the credit limits, personal data, and so on”, – stressed the police.

Ukrainians also suggest for online payments use a single payment card is limited, provided only to do this, and make it impossible to use the card for transactions in trade networks or cash withdrawals.

Separately, the police have advised to use the sites only known and trusted online stores and in case of doubt is to refuse the offer and look for other options.

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