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Link between internet speed and political activism revealed

Researchers from Cardiff University and Sapienza University of Rome have concluded that the faster someone’s internet speed is, the less likely they are to be involved in their communities through volunteering, politics, or other forms of civic engagement.  “We observed that civic participation and the form of engagement in the …

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Bitcoin dives after Kazakhstan kills internet

Bitcoin has seen a sharp decline as protests continue in Kazakhstan, the world’s second-largest mining hub, where internet was shut down, forcing local miners to switch off their equipment. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has dropped to $42,786, which marked a daily drop of nearly 8.5%, extending losses recorded during the …

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Internet switched off in Kazakhstan amid unrest – reports

The internet was reportedly switched off across Kazakhstan on Wednesday, as the country remains gripped by violent protests that began in response to a hike in fuel prices after the New Year. NetBlocks, a British organization that monitors internet freedom, has described the situation in the country as “a nation-scale …

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Critical software bug sets ‘internet on fire’

The fault, known as ‘Log4Shell’, has been described as the “single biggest, most critical vulnerability of the last decade” – which puts it in the running for a place among the biggest glitches in modern computing history. Researchers have warned that the flaw affects servers run by tech giants like …

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Internet model could face a year in jail as Russian cops probe raunchy butt photo shoot opposite iconic St. Petersburg cathedral

Investigators believe that Irina Volkova, who operates a private commercial Telegram account where subscribers can pay to access intimate snaps and videos, may have broken Russian laws against insulting the feelings of religious believers.  A similar stunt, carried out in Moscow, landed a Tajik blogger and his Russian girlfriend in jail …

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‘Who broke the Internet?!’ Major outages hit Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, Zoom, Snapchat & others after FB crash

While the glitches affected a number of popular social media platforms – among them Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat – other more significant institutions also faced major tech issues on Monday, such as Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, the professional networking site LinkedIn and the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, all …

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