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Ukrainians told me how to save money in black Friday

Украинцам подсказали, как максимально сэкономить в "черную пятницу" Black Friday in Ukraine is held annually on November 24.

On November, 24th in the world, including in Ukraine, going to Black Friday (black Friday) is a day of mass sales. Some stores promise discounts of up to 90%. However, many experts are skeptical about these sales, they say, is nothing more than the manipulation of unsuspecting buyers.

This celebration, which stores in Ukraine, its support and how realistic is this day to save – read on.

A bit of history. Earlier black Friday celebrated mainly in Western countries. “Black” sales occur on the first Friday after thanksgiving (in the period from 23 to 29 November). From that day begins the traditional Christmas sales season.

It is known that black Friday was arranged in the nineteenth century, the term was first adopted in 1966. Then he meant that severe congestion on the roads on Friday after Thanksgiving. This holiday is not official even in the States, but many Americans on this day, take the day off. Stores on black Friday open very early — about 5 am, and there are those who begin work at midnight.

Black Friday in Ukraine. Where to find discounts

Украинцам подсказали, как максимально сэкономить в "черную пятницу"

In Ukraine, this day has not become so popular, but most malls and online stores organize a variety of events. Particularly active in the Ukrainian shops join black Friday in recent years.

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By the way, now in Ukraine there are several portals that have structured information about discounts and help buyers find all the necessary goods for a lower price.

Thus, the project Blackfriday joined a few dozen companies that prepare big discounts in the period 25-28 November. Here you can find information about sales in stores.

Another portal, where you will find discounts on black Friday — Picodi. There you can leave your e-mail and a reminder the day of the start of sales.

“We advise you well in advance to make a wish list, compare prices at several stores for these products and record them. Such training will help to make really a bargain and not fall for the tricks of some of the stores that manipulate prices and make dummy discounts”, — said Natalia Ibragimova , an expert with the Ukrainian market

Expert advice

Украинцам подсказали, как максимально сэкономить в "черную пятницу"

In order to effectively take advantage of black Friday and really find the best offer before keep in mind a few expert tips.

Prepare a shopping list

Discounts can be very tempting so you might buy a lot of unnecessary things. Therefore, before shopping, think carefully and prepare a list.

Determine the amount

Before shopping, determine the amount you are willing to spend on shopping. Do not take a lot of extra money. At euphoria you can spend much more than necessary.

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Experts say, you can’t buy a product just because it big discount. After all, when you do find the right product, at him you just can not have enough money. So think twice before buying a product, and determine what you really need.

The fly in the ointment

Unfortunately, black Friday should be beneficial not only for buyers but also for sellers. Before the big sell-suit in the first place in order to get rid of last year’s inventory. Therefore, discounts on the “old products” was really significant. Now, even on black Friday, many stores have resorted to manipulation to get the maximum benefit.

“On the eve of discount stores to raise prices. Then do discounts on average by one third. There is a category of buyers who are willing to buy only at a discount. A target audience for such marketing actions. Play the passion of people. First, crazy discounts and sales arranged to clear stocks of the old product. It is more profitable to sell cheaply, than to hold on. Now the stores are exploiting festive occasions and sales to increase sales”, – explained the President of the Club of professional negotiators Oleg Demchik.

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