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Ukrainian student figured out how to travel around the country almost for free

Украинский студент придумал, как объездить всю страну практически бесплатно Traveler advises to save on overnight stays and tickets to museums.

The student of Sumy region two years studying interesting and cheap destinations to travel to Ukraine. Yaroslav shares his tips on how to travel around Ukraine without money.

Future mathematician Jaroslav after two years of traveling, I visited all the regional centers and small towns, where there is something to see. On each trip the guy posted the video. The aim of the project is to prove that you can travel with minimum budget and sometimes nothing at all is quite possible. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The guy says – you can save on the night. At least in large cities. You just have to meet the so-called coach-surfers. People who agree to give shelter to travelers for free.

But sometimes Jaroslav spent the night at the station or on the beach, but others are not advised. Better you ask for in a monastery. “You can put on the floor. In the morning you can ask something to help, something to cook,” says the traveler.

Most of the attractions can also be visited free of charge. Even the Museum. You just need to know when the open day.

Another significant item of expenditure – food. But sometimes can be a gift and sweets to eat. If you go to the festival.

The only thing Yaroslav are not saved, so it transport. Says the hitchhiker to get long.

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