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Ukrainian singer told what music to listen to in the ATO zone

Украинский певец рассказал, какую музыку слушают в зоне АТОUkrainian singer and frontman of the band Riffmaster Andrei Antonenko has informed how I listen to music at the front in the ATO.

In an interview with К the singer said that at the front, the music sounds different from the “chanson to heavy music freely”. “For a chanson now all get the cap from me personally. Because, very strange, when there are Ukrainian troops and machine sounds “katsapsky” chanson. This is wrong,” he says.

The singer added that this music plays on the radio, then flash drives. “We are now trying to reformat. There is a radio station “Army FM”, where it sounds quite different music, including pop but quality. There’s no music, Russian singers and those who sing in Russian,” he says, lamenting that the radio is bad “caught”.

Antonenko also pointed to the lack of powerful public broadcasting in Donetsk and Lugansk. “There’s even a Ukrainian TV is not caught. 21 channel katsapsky-Orlovskogo broadcast – zero Ukrainian channels. It is a great misfortune,” says the singer.

As we know, Andrei Antonenko is a contractor to the ATO, and only sometimes comes home. The first time he got to the front as an artist in 2015. A turning point, which influenced his decision to serve in the ATO, has become a rotation with the doctors of the First volunteer mobile hospital.

Musician organizes concerts and strongly supports the fighters.

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