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Ukrainian athlete won a court case against avtodorovtsy

Украинка выиграла в суде дело против автодоровцев Lawyers advise Ukrainians to pay attention to this case.

A resident of Mukachevo appealed to the court after the bump in the road has damaged your car, and won the case against avtodorovtsy. For the repair of two wheels a woman sued 13 thousand hryvnias.

Elena he said that the pothole was flooded with rain, and therefore invisible. After getting into her car was out of control – she had broken two tires and bent wheels. The car has incurred on a counter strip and only a miracle there were no more serious accidents. To the place the driver called the police and made a statement about the incident, and when the insurance company refused to cover the damage – went to court. Where suddenly the most won. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The state Agency that deals with the condition of the track, declined to comment, but said the official statistics according to which in the past year the number of road accidents due to poor asphalt was less than the percentage of the total number of accidents.

Lawyers say that lawsuits against avtodorovtsy can become an effective instrument of struggle of Ukrainians for better roads. Do not hide that in favor of the drivers will work the human factor, since judges and prosecutors with lawyers ride on the same roads and also have to repair their cars, therefore, such claims can include with a hidden sympathy. When lawsuits will be enough to the road builders realized that they would be cheaper to repair tracks than to plead with the drivers – the situation will change dramatically. To appeal to the court motorists are advised to call the police, file a report about the incident, take photos of the condition of the road and the car. And if it’s proven that the causation of the damage to the machine with the condition of the roads – legal perspectives are quite real.

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