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Twitter will launch paid services

Twitter запустит платные услугиNew features oriented to professional users

Inspired by the example of business accounts on Instagram, which has 8 million Twitter management is also thinking about creating a special version of accounts for its users.

The main difference is that this service will be chargeable. According to TechCrunch, Twitter is considering launching paid accounts with expanded features.

This information first appeared after Twitter started questioning about the appropriateness of the appearance of the account without advertising and with an expanded number of functions, but with the condition of payment of subscription for their use. The company later confirmed that the survey did not appear by accident: Twitter really started to work on new features.

In particular, the new set of features will be created on the basis of the service Tweetdeck. Company Twitter acquired it in 2011 for $ 40 million. The users who will pay a monthly subscription, get access to Analytics, exclusive content, priority support from the experts of the service, ability to lead multiple accounts. Users also allow you to customize your profile and disable ads.

The company believes that the improved Tweetdeck is easy to use brands, publications, and professional users like journalists, marketers, etc. When can we expect the launch of the updates – not reported.

“We conducted a survey to understand the relevance of the new features of Tweetdeck and the need for professional users”, — said the representatives of the company.

Recall, this is not the first actions of the Twitter, directed towards the professional users. Previously, the company offered them the API for doing high-quality live broadcasts.

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